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Hume Lake, Monarch and Jennie Lakes Wilderness Closed

August 20th, 2015 by Eric Mart

 Dunlap, Calif., August 20, 2015—The Rough Fire has continued its spread onto the Sequoia National Forest’s Hume Lake Ranger District. For public safety, the Forest has closed most of Hume Lake, including the Monarch and Jennie Lakes Wildernesses. Updated information about the Rough Fire can be found on Inciweb (

The Rough Fire, which began July 31, has burned over 30,000 acres. On Tuesday afternoon the Rough Fire spotted across the South Fork of the Kings River and crossed highway 180, in the area of Horseshoe Bend and became established in the Lockwood Creek Drainage. As a result of the fire crossing the river, the pre-planned evacuation of the Hume Lake area was implemented. Over 2,500 campers, hikers, employees, and residents were notified and safely evacuated from Hume Lake Christian Camp, private cabins, campgrounds, and the surrounding area in just over 2 ½ hours.

As the fire spread on Wednesday, the existing closure orders were expanded to include almost the entire Hume Lake Ranger District. The current closure is defined in Forest Order 15-19, which closes these areas for public safety:

most of the Hume Lake Ranger District from Delilah Rd. on the west to Jennie Lakes and Monarch Wildernesses to the east; and from Hwy 180 in the south to the Forest boundary to the north. (see included map);

• trail 26E02 and associated recreation areas along the Lower Kings River such as Camp 4 ½ Rental Cabin;

• the Jennie Lakes Wilderness;

• and the Monarch Wilderness;

Areas that remain open for recreation include:

Pinehurst area including Cedar Brook Picnic Area;

• Eshom Campground;

• Montecito Lake Resort;

• and Stony Creek area off of General’s Highway including Stony Creek Resort, Stony Creek and Upper Stony Creek Campgrounds and Fir and Cove Group Campgrounds.

For more information about the Rough Fire, please call the incident information line at 559-305-7682. For recreation information, please call the Hume Lake Ranger District Office at 559-338-2251.

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