National Monument Association

Historical & Archeaological

People have been living, working, and playing in the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument for more than 9,000 years. Evidence of Native Americans, explorers, miners, loggers, and herders remain at the thousands of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites and historic buildings and structures scattered throughout the Sequoia. Remember these special places (anything over 50 years old) are protected by the Archaeological Resources Protection Act; removal or disturbance of any artifact, structure, or buried material is illegal. Enjoy the cultural resources of the Sequoia, but please help us protect them for future visitors.

Historic buildings and features to visit include the Hume Lake Dam and forest guard stations available for overnight rental (see “Staying Overnight”). Rent Oak Flat Lookout overnight, or tour one of the working fire lookouts. These fire lookouts are staffed during summer months, and visitors are welcome. The lookout towers may be closed, due to days off, lightning, fire, inclement weather, or other emergencies. Please be respectful of the person staffing the tower. Check with the local ranger station for hours of operation.